Ipswich Kotokukan Kokamishin Ryu Jujutsu club.

The Ipswich Kokamishin Ryu Jujutsu club is now over 30 years old and still going strong. The members are now working hard towards a test in Kokamishin Ryu Jujutsu later in the year. If anyone is interested in learning Kokamishin Ryu Jujutsu which is excellent when used in self defence please contact us or you can pop in and watch a class anytime. new members are always welcome at our Ipswich based Dojo.

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Hakkoryu Kotokukan Dojo News

The Hakkoryu Kotokukan dojo in Ipswich, Suffolk, U.K. members took part in the first genuine Hakkoryu Jujutsu test to be held in the UK for several years with five students passing their Shodan test, they each received a Menjo issued at the Hakkoryu Hombu in Omiya, Japan. Congratulations image.jpegto Aaron Keeble, Steven Lane, Paul Barber, Jaromir Sepica and James Ham.

Hakkoryu 75th Anniversary Takai 2016

img_3694The Hakkoryu 75th anniversary Taikai held in Omiya, Japan. was a great event which was very well attended by Hakkoryu members worldwide. The Shihan Takai that followed was also well attended with many Shihan from around the world undertaking training at the Hakkoryu Hombu. Lloyd Allum instructor at the Hakkoryu Kotokukan Dojo, Ipswich, Suffolk, England was promoted to Menkyo shihan upon completion of the shihan test and ceremony. Lloyd received official certification from Nidai Soke Okuyama including a Menjo, licence and Makimono validating the title.

Hakkoryu Jujutsu seminar in the uk

The only officially licenced Hakkoryu Jujutsu Dojo in the UK the Hakkoryu Kotokukan Dojo which is based in the town of Ipswich Suffolk hosted a Hakkoryu Jujutsu introduction seminar on Saturday the 20th February2016. The seminar was limited to 25 people and all these places were taken several weeks before the seminar day.

Everyone enjoyed the seminar with some excellent feedback being received after the event, the seminar itself concentrated on the explanation of Hakkoryu Jujutsu  philosophy  and practice of the Hakkoryu Shodan waza.